Irene Goodwill
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 55

Bullies? Don't Like A Mean Bully? Can't Stand Dealing With Bullies?You are on the right page! You have found the right book!"Jimmy The Bully Is Defeated" from the "Bullies Never Win Series" is a highly engaging and totally fun story book about dealing with bullies. Your children learn how to cope with a bully while learning different social skills.*** 3 FREE Bonuses With This Book - All For $2.99 - Did You Say Value?...Wow! ***1. 3 FREE Online Puzzles From The Book2. FREE Do It Yourself .PDF Puzzle Kit Download3. FREE Coloring Book .PDF Kit DownloadBuy and Download the book "Bullies Book: "Jimmy The Bully Is Defeated" Bullies Never Win Series" Today! You Won't Be Disappointed!*** Awesome Bonus Link Only Valid For People That Purchase The Book ***
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