Kathryn B. Butler
ASIN: B00D1C48F2
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 106

For ages 8 and upWhen Sidney Sinclair and her best friend and neighbor, Jane Abbot, find out they will be taking lessons at the new riding stable across the road, they are looking forward to meeting their lesson horses and riding for the first time. But after their first lesson, it’s clear something is very wrong at Blue Moon Stables. Odd things have been happening and according to Bryan, the riding instructor’s less than charming son, the stables are cursed. As the summer progresses and Sidney’s love for horses grows, the events become more sinister and a riding student is injured. Someone seems determined to ruin the stables, and the owner and instructor, Mrs. Fitzpatrick, is distraught and considering closing the stables forever. Can Sidney find out who is behind the strange occurrences before Blue Moon Stables is forced to shut its doors?
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