Jay Tepe
ASIN: B00D2J569Q
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 242

Being small of stature doesn’t mean big things can’t happen to you. Alistaire Pickelwit—the most peculiar mouse in all of Crystal Falls Hollow—finds that out in the adventure of a lifetime. His family has always been linked to the Creator of the universe. For generations they have kept a record of when creation groans—notating the events on a very ancient scroll. That scroll had been handed down to him after his father, Gosper’s passing. Putting his faith to the test, Alistaire decides to help a newly found friend try to find Taleh—the Creator. He, accompanied by eight of his friends, sets off on this sacred journey.They discover that friends are found in unlikely places. And enemies—ready to fill their bellies—are around every corner, denying Taleh the glory he is due.In the Migdol Mountains will they meet the object of their desire? Will all their questions be ...
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