Silver Bullet
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 32

Don't Waste Another Penny On Weight Loss Supplements That Don't Work! The health industry is booming with hundreds of products that promise to help you lose weight naturally, no side-effects to worry about! Unfortunately, with weight loss product scams and scandals still fresh in our minds, it's hard to know which supplements are for real and which ones are a waste of money. Or, even worse, which ones are potentially harmful to our health.I was just like you, wanting to lose weight, short on time, and eager to purchase the newest product, no matter the cost. But after years of disappointing results and thousands of dollars down the drain I decided that I had enough of playing this expensive guessing game. Over the past several months I have tried, tested, interviewed, and researched more than twenty of the most popular natural weight loss supplements on the market. My goal was to create ...
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