Martin Anderson
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 131

Are you limited on space, but still find yourself yearning to grow vegetables?If so, vegetable container gardening may be the answer. As long as you have room for a container or two (or twenty), you can grow vegetables pretty much anywhere you want. They can be grown on your porch, your balcony or even on a fire escape. Container gardening allows you to quickly and easily set up a small garden that will provide you with vegetables for years to come. The following topics are covered in this handy guide:What container gardening is.The benefits of vegetable container gardening and why it's a good choice for aspiring gardeners.The 4 simple and inexpensive items you need to get started.Designing your vegetable container garden.Choosing a location for your containers.Choosing a container.A quick rundown of the pros and cons of the various materials containers are made of.What raised beds are ...
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