Nikki Attree
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 141

How could anybody abandon a dog like Gizmo … ?When loveable Labradoodle, Gizmo, is uprooted from his home in cold, grey, muddy England to start a new life in Tenerife, he’s stoic. But just when he’s learnt the local woof-speak and survived an out-of-botty experience at the vet he’s abandoned on the mean streets of Costa del Scorchio.Every day’s a struggle. His soulmate, Katie, is snatched from him. He’s captured and nearly torn apart in El Bastardo’s dog-fighting ring … But Gizmo’s a survivor. He’s a spokesmutt for the underdog and a canine philosopher.You’ll learn how his universe works. How dogs invented the internet (‘SmellNet’), email (‘SmellMail’) and wifi (‘Whiffy’). And you’ll celebrate their dogged, Zen-like stoicism in the face of human stupidity, indifference, and cruelty.With a cast of wonderful woofers and a story that’s the mutt’s ...
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