Valerie Harmon
Pages: 42

Hit #1 Best Seller on Amazon, Winner of the Reader's Favorite Seal, and Awarded the 2015 Family Choice Award (animated version)!Peacock's tail is so heavy his back hurts. When he sees Pig's tiny curly tail he decides becoming a pig will solve his problems. This idea sends him wading through mud, falling into slop, and begins a surprising new friendship. This is not a typical "Be content with who you are" book, but rather "Working hard toward a goal changes you into something more." Which is why in the end (don't spoil the surprise for your young reader!) Peacock turns into a PEAGLET! A metaphorical example of how we all change after accomplishing hard things. Add To Your Cart this fully-illustrated children's picture book about overcoming difficulties with hard work, perseverance and friendship. Note: The award-winning fully narrated and animated version is available in Apple's ...
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