Alvin Alexander
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 150

"A Survival Guide for New Consultants."Alvin Alexander has worked as a consultant for over twenty years. He began at the bottom, working for a small salary plus the exciting promise of "incentives". Sadly, those incentives didn't come right away. In fact, they barely came at all during the first year.But he kept pushing forward, and after working 90-hour weeks for 18-24 months, and making pretty much every mistake a consultant can make -- such as offering advice without knowing all the facts, or before anyone actually asked for his advice -- things got better. The short story is that he created his own consulting firm, grew his income to over $300,000 per year, sold his business, and "retired" before his 45th birthday.Here's how Mr. Alexander describes Zen & the Art of Consulting:As I wrote this book, I kept thinking back to my first years as a consultant -- the lean years -- and asked ...
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