Tim Kizer
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 721

He has mind control powers, but why did he allow the government to imprison him? Navy SEAL Max Pollack is the sole survivor of a classified mission to an uninhabited Arctic island, which claimed the lives of eleven men who vanished into thin air. The Department of Defense believes that Pollack acquired mind control powers at some point during the mission. Pollack insists they are wrong. After he finds proof that Pollack is capable of mind control, FBI Agent Peter Anderson tries to figure out why the SEAL hasn't used his extraordinary ability to escape from the military base where he is held. Was getting imprisoned by the government part of Pollack's plan?  Consumed by paranoia, having no one to trust, Peter has trouble telling which thoughts are his own and which have been planted by the mindbender. Peter fears that Max Pollack has found his way into the mind of every top government ...
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