Dermot Davis
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 231

It's the classic dilemma of the writer: Do you write what's in your heart or do you write what sells? In this modern age of publishing there is a huge chasm between the best selling authors that are rich beyond their dreams and... well, everybody else. Daniel Waterstone has high ambitions. He wants to write the great American novel and change the landscape of modern literature forever. He has two literary books in print but no one's buying. His agent won't even accept his latest masterpiece which he poured his soul into. Apparently, it's not commercial enough. In a final act of desperation, Daniel decides to write - not what's in his heart but - what he thinks will sell. Boy, did he get that one wrong..."Brain is that rare species of complete entertainment that can be both deeply philosophical and buoyantly accessible." - Chanticleer Book Reviews" entertaining farce about modern ...
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