Philip Andrews
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 18

As if divorce wasn’t bad enough, dealing with your divorce attorney can be a nightmare. "Divorce Attorney Crash Course: 15 Critical Ideas for Selecting Then Managing a Divorce Attorney" is filled with tips that you won't hear from prospective attorneys or their advertising.You can make critical and sometimes irreversible errors if you engage the wrong divorce attorney. Reading this ebook is the first of several strategic choices you'll make along the way to a fair and equitable divorce. Knowing what questions to ask is crucial to your cause.Some of what you'll learn are…· Strategies for evaluating and selecting the most appropriate attorney· Tactics to improve the attorney’s ability to represent you· Specific cost containment recommendations· Mediation session guidanceIf you are about to enter into a divorce proceeding, or even if you are partway through, this ebook is certain to be of ...
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