Robert Anton
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 609

They’ve been living underground for fifty-thousand years.Now they’re returning to the surface, to reclaim the earth.And they have the firepower to do it.At times violent and profane, humorous and dark, this sci-fi fantasy, action-adventure series drags the stereotypes out of their dusty caves and turns the whole genre on its proverbial head.As the first in a new series of dragon-themed novels designed for older, more mature Young Adult readers, “Dragons Among Us: The Ghosts Of Walker Pines” introduces readers to fifteen-year-old Katie Baxter who has unraveled the planet’s greatest but most hidden truth. A discovery which has come at a painful personal price for the teen whose mother died giving birth to an only child. Katie has since suffered from years of mysterious and debilitating hallucinations, visions, and nightmares that have not only threatened her relationships with ...
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