Alexander G. Michaels
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 48

Planet Earth! Our Home! Our World!Do you want to learn about our beautiful planet?Written by Alexander G. Michaels and published by eBook Kids, "Planet Earth! A Kids Book About Planet Earth - Fun Facts & Pictures About Our Oceans, Mountains, Rivers, Deserts, Endangered Species & More" is a nonfiction journey through our Planet Earth. This book is filled with vivid, wonderful photographs that will show up great on Kindles, iPads, tablets and PCs. This children's ebook will make learning for kids a fun experience.Learn all about Earth's Oceans, Mountains, Rivers, Deserts & Endangered SpeciesWhat's the Earth Made Of?The worlds biggest and best Oceans, Mountains, Rivers & DesertsFun & Amazing Facts About Earth!Earth's SpeciesHow can everyone on Earth make a difference?˃˃˃ Fun for kids of all agesThe marvelous pictures tied to simple blocks of text make learning about Planet Earth ...
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