Jann Jeter
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 351

Dude and Thipp met as young teens and became best friends. They started Hasty Post Delivery Service after Dude's absent dad, whom he's never even met or seen, sent him the key to a 1970's era refurbished Volkswagen Van that allows them to fly through Space from planet to planet, transporting items like cranberries, spice grinders, papayas and sometimes even people, not to mention illegal substances that would put them away in prison for life. Both of them are always on the lookout for their fathers - Dude because he wants to find his father, Thipp because he's trying to avoid his. They both keep looking for something they already have; they just haven't quite figured that out yet.This is a tale of the future, but it could have happened at any time in the history of mankind. Will they find what they are looking for? Will they get that delivery to Piallat before trouble finds them yet ...
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