Stephen Harrison
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 93

Intermediate English Comprehension – Book 1This is the first book in the bestselling series ‘Intermediate English Comprehension’. Each book contains fifteen interesting articles on a variety of topics such as: history, religion, the natural world, science, travel, food and more. It is perfect for students of English who want to improve their reading comprehension and will help with exam practice. The eBook includes:● 15 fascinating short articles.● Glossaries which include key words with explanations.● Questions about each text (with clickable links to the answers).● Video links for each article (if your device allows it).This book has articles on the following topics: The Komodo Dragon, Vampires, The Maya Civilisation, Cloning, British Cuisine, Cosmetic Surgery, Stockholm, Papua New Guinea, Cleopatra and more.If you want to improve your reading comprehension AND enjoy the ...
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