C.K. Alexander
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 96

As much as Shane loves the excitement of rodeo, and the thrill of bullfighting, he’s considering getting off the circuit because it’s just too damn lonely for a gay man. He’s hardly effeminate, but can’t see rodeo culture ever embracing gay participants with open arms. And his desire for a loving relationship is starting to win out…until some new faces catch his attention.First Shane meets Cooper, the new vet on the circuit. He’s impressed by Cooper’s gentleness with the animals, but there’s something a little mysterious and aloof about Cooper too. Still, Shane doesn’t think he’s making up the sexual tension that he feels, and they strike up a friendship of sorts that leads Shane to wonder if there might be a possibility for more. Then hot ticket Australian Jack McDonough lands in town, and begs to ride with Shane on the circuit, while he tries to gather ...
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