Mike Burns, Jen Burns
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 56

This book makes the case that it IS possible to live a clutter-free life with kids in the house. Well, at least “clutter-free…ish.”I say “ish” because it’s a constant effort. When you have kids in the house, the mess keeps coming. As a father of six children, I can relate!But you don't have to surrender to the complexity! You really can gain control of the clutter that plagues you. Contents:1- "Is Decluttering Really That Important?"2- 6 Kids & Mostly Sane (A personal story)3- Don't Focus on the Clutter4- Proper Expectations5- Baby Steps=The Cure for the Time Dilemma6- First, Stop the Inflow!7- Practice the "One-In-One-Out" Rule8- A Home for Everything9- Process to Zero10- Get Everyone Involved11- Make it Fun! - 10 Decluttering Games for Kids & Their Parents12- Let Your Priorities Drive Your Decisions
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