Ethan Parker Bailey
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 241

Nathan and Catherine are ordinary teenagers on vacation in New York City, but when a mysterious assassin from another world breaks into their apartment and tries to steal a priceless book of unimaginable power they are accidentally transported into the magical world of the Imperial Isles. Unfortunately they arrive when the Empire is on the verge of war. A nefarious army of goblins has declared war upon the Empire and Nathan and Catherine are caught in the middle of the conflict. Along the way they meet Juno, an elf from a mysterious order of Knights called Dragonheart, Poison, a reformed assassin, and Lelina who, like them, was transported to the Imperial Isles from Earth. They quickly become crucial players in the war as they face such creatures as mad trolls, vengeful vampires, and the mysterious villain who is behind it all.
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