Reed Bosgoed
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 219

Humanity has long believed that it was the highest order of life on Earth, the pinnacle of evolution. We were wrong. There are others who covet the crown, and they aren't pleased with what we've done to the planet. Pollution and overpopulation have left our world crippled and spiraling towards utter destruction.To many among the preternatural species, mankind is a disease that must be remedied if anyone is to survive the next step. Kagan, tyrant of the vampire cabal and his ally the mongrel father Ahmu, have raised an army. Fueled by hate and a mysterious stimulant simply known as "juice", they will cut a swath through human civilization.The cabal is not without enemies, however. There are allies among the others, those who will strive for the betterment of all. An ancient empress and her most loyal general will lead the charge to save us.Humanity itself is not totally defenseless. The ...
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