Robert Dean Hall
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 316

The Terra Nova Chronicles: Book Two – War OrphansWith her race on the brink of a civil war, a genetically engineered human-feline hybrid warrior continues her quest to find out why memories of her childhood have been erased.For the last twenty years, Colonel Herbert G. Zheng has been trying to fill all the holes his government has left in the official account of the most important event in recorded human history - the first meeting of men from Earth with humans from two other planets. One afternoon, a cadet in his Freshman Military History class shows up at his office with a surprise for him, a journal written by her original ancestor, the first feline to become Surgeon General of the League of Aligned Planets – General Morning Grass.In this anxiously awaited second installment of the Terra Nova Chronicles, Morning Grass has a dream so real she is convinced it is a recovered memory ...
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