Zoe Keithley
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 57

3/ Chicago draws the reader into three different layers of every day Chicago life: Michigan Avenue, Chinatown and a Westside institutional facility.The Second Marriage of Albert Li WuAlbert Li Wu decides to advertise for a wife. But his wife and dead mother, both dead, take harsh exception to the Irishwoman, a former restaurant cook, he engages as "room and board." But more awaits Albert Li as he sinks with blind satisfaction into the careful hands and unfolding plans of his new "employee." ("Filled with wit and wisdom" -- Cecil Sommers, Pittsburgh radio personality.")The Only Thanks I WantedA young Chicago businessman approached by a cripple in a wheelchair and wanting a ride remembers his mother's admonitions about Christian charity and opens his car door to more than he ever intended. Annie Doesn't Mean Any HarmIt is early Spring at the Golden Harvest Guest Home, and dinner time, but ...
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