Keith Dorricott
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 108

In this book, Keith Dorricott spans the whole range of human history and beyond to outline God's exciting and eternal purpose and explain how God has, and will, achieve it through six distinct ages, also known as dispensations:Chapter 1:The Purpose of the Ages Chapter 2:The Age of Conscience Chapter 3: The Age of Human Rule Chapter 4: The Age of Promise Chapter 5: The Age of the Law Chapter 6: The Age of Grace Chapter 7: The Ages to Come As part of the exposition, God's special relationship with his special people, Israel is traced, including God's relationship with key patriarchal figures such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, together with a look at what the future has in store for the nation of Israel (and how God will not allow it to be wiped out by its enemies) and the Gentile nations, as revealed in Bible prophecy.
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