Amber Richards
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 56

Product Description for Ebook A Book of Dog Breeds for Children: They're All DogsA Book of Dog Breeds for Children: They're All Dogs is an e-book for young children introducing them to the idea of different dog breeds. I found when teaching very young children about dogs; they seemed to be confused when taught (for example) that a poodle was a dog, then seeing a Chihuahua that it was a dog as well.This is an educational, yet fun book for parents to read to young children, or for early readers. This book can easily become a family favorite when reading to your child for the giggles and laughter than can result.The book features photographs of 21 different dog breeds, some common, and some unusual. It contains some exercises for parents and children to do together that can foster fun, bonding, parents prepare your best dog noises!
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