Justin Brown
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 155

★ I glared down the pitch at a bowler with 'Get lucky with an Irish Boy' plastered on his shirt. I had to pinch myself. I was in India, on an Indian pitch, facing an Indian bowler - albeit a ten-year-old. ★Bestselling author Justin Brown and four other cricket tragics pile into a van and take on India at their own game. Justin is joined by a high-country farmer, a businessman, a photographer and a shoestring traveller named Blanket Boy. Together the amateur sportsmen take to the streets of India to face off against kids who can bat and bowl like demons. Amidst the sledging and inappropriate jokes, the Black Craps, as they name their team, learn about life, love, death, compassion and the fascination of India.An instant bestseller upon release, Bowling Through India is a book about travel, humour, mateship and the love of cricket that unites people whatever their age, race and station. ...
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