Jason Iverson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 134

How to Climb Up the corporate ladder and Win!Growing from entry-level to senior management is the dream of every hardworking career professional. But, how do we go about it? How do we stand out and get noticed on the crowded rungs of today's corporate ladder? And why do individuals differ in earning power? What justification may be found for one person taking home $50,000 a year and another $200,000? It turns out that being or believing you are smarter than the average employee is not quite enough to guarantee career success! You actually have to take deliberate measures to distinguish yourself in today's workplace. The Art of Career Promotion is about the missing link between humble reality and vast albeit latent potential. Career professionals who cultivate, present, and sell themselves effectively deserve the jobs, recognition and compensation they receive. This must-read and ...
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