Ethan Thomas
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 28

"Sea Turtles! A Kids Book About Sea Turtles" is a non-fiction book written by Ethan Thomas. It is packed with beautiful, full-color pictures and interesting facts about these sensational sea creatures You should note that each picture has been formatted to look amazing on the Kindle, iPad, PC, or any other tablet style device. You do not even need to own a Kindle in order to instantly enjoy it!In addition to the stunning, full size pictures, the content has been organized into small blocks of content that makes it much easier to read. As such, this book is a great learning tool for children of all ages.Currently set at a low promotional price, "Sea Turtles" is exclusively available on Amazon and can be instantly downloaded and read by children that have already learned to read by themselves and by parents looking for a great introduction to dinosaurs that they can read to younger kids!
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