Don Sansone
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 38

--------------------------------------Learn to Tune Your Guitar--------------------------------------There are two basic problems that guitar players face when they try to tune their guitars.•Tuning the guitar so that it sounds in tune•Tuning the guitar so that it stays in tune after you start playingThe 7 Secrets to Tuning Your Guitar will help you with both of these problems, and give you the skills that you need to tune your guitar so that it both sounds in tune and is more likely to stay in tune while you play.Have you ever finished tuning your guitar and then you strum a few chords and you just know something still doesn't sound right? You can hear that something is off. Just when you were ready to start playing, you're back to tuning the guitar all over again.In this book I'll share with you the most important aspects of tuning the guitar so that your guitar sounds in tune, and ...
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