Gita V. Reddy
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 77

What does a camel have to do with a theft? Read Hitesh: Case 1 to find out!Theft at the Fair is a collection of four mysteries in which children use math, logic, and problem solving skills. There is a camel, a boy genius, a woman acrobat, trick mirrors, and much more!I truly loved the way that each story used something very common to tell its story, in this case mystery and how they can be solved by using what has been given to us. Our brain! Three of the stories use math to help solve the mystery, telling us also to continue our learning skills. One shows how our love of something or someone can guide us - DD GottFour separate mysteries that will have your child thinking and solving the story at hand. Also cultural lessons that I found very interesting- Michelle Robinson Shealy
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