Chris Webster
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 36

Jonah is a man struggling with his morality, mortality, and humanity. Life was not the same, but it never is when humans interfere, and Jonah was at the epicenter of the apocalypse. Whether it is war, reform, creating or destroying, building civilization or disbanding nations, humanity is in a constant state of flux. His story is not unlike many that you have read, a person trying to be more than they are, trying to change the world, wanting to be remembered. How far will Jonah go, to see himself in the history books? How many times will he ignore his heart and push forward with his desire to leave his mark on the planet? What will he leave behind in his march towards the future? Jonah's Story is a 10 piece prequel leading to a novel that tells the story of a world after humanity's mistakes caught up with it. It is written as a series of letters or journal entries, to tell a little ...
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