William Stacey
Publisher: Bastard Sword Press
Pages: 261

Sometimes, the world needs a bad man.Banned for killing a nobleman's son, Viking warband leader Asgrim seeks redemption and a way home again. But no man could hope to raise the princely blood debt placed upon him. When he learns of a great treasure hidden away beneath a monastery on a Frankish island, Asgrim thinks fate has given him one final chance.But Asgrim has been tricked.Deep beneath the stones of the Black Monastery, a demonic entity has escaped. If it isn't stopped, it will drench the coasts of medieval Europe in blood.Now, Asgrim's only help is Alda, a Frankish woman falsely accused of witchcraft and cast out by her own people.But how can they save others if they can't save themselves?You'll love this dark fantasy novel by former soldier William Stacey because of its graphic battle scenes, mature content, and compelling characters.An Amazon 2014 Breakthrough Novel Award ...
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4.5 stars from 88 ratings
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