Greg Smith
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 280

When Todd Willis arrived in New York City to sign a recording contract, he had no idea his name would end up on another kind of contract instead. Unfortunately, the one that has his name on it is for his elimination after a Wrong Left Turn spirals out of the ordinary into the unthinkable. You will join Mr. Willis on the fifth day of what should have been a three day trip as he reflects on his week so far, wondering if he’ll ever see home again. Wounded, hunted by the mob and unknown dirty cops, he’s faced with limited choices of who to turn to for help. The call he needs to make is to the one person who might be able to save his life. She is also the only person he has lied to. Can his luck hold out?As the story unfolds, his former special ops training, cunning and tenacity are all that keep him a half step ahead of those who search for him. Befriended by strangers, he fights to ...
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