Sherry Johnson
ASIN: B00E27W96A
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Are you dealing with the shock and hurt of your spouse’s infidelity?Are you still hoping that your marriage can be saved?Well, I’ve been there and done that, and now that a number of years has passed since I’ve been in your shoes, I’m here to give you the benefit of my hindsight.Dealing with infidelity can be one of the hardest things a couple will ever have to face, if that couple is unlucky enough to have infidelity rear its ugly head in their relationship. Deciding to stick together or throw in the towel isn’t always a decision that is made together; rather, it is usually made by the person who has been hurt.The pain of that trauma in my own marriage will always be just under the surface for me. However, enough time has passed now where the emotions are much more under control. I now am much more capable of reflecting on the wisdom and strength that I gained from the ...
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