Wilkie Martin
ASIN: B00E45A2M8
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 313

A reporter with nothing to lose. An inspector with something to hide. The Cotswolds’ newest odd couple is on the case…Of all the journalists at his small-town paper, Andy Caplet is far and away the worst. At least he has a job. But when his latest expose on the strange and scandalous Inspector Hobbes backfires, Andy is left broke and homeless. The inspector’s offer of a spare room for a few days (or months) seems like the only option…Andy agrees to accompany the inspector to investigate a sudden surge in crime and soon finds himself immersed in a world beyond humanity. It turns out that Inspector Hobbes eats raw bones, their housekeeper collects teeth, and their guests include trolls, dwarves, and ghouls. As Andy tries to piece together the inspector’s true identity, his new partner is hard at work solving unexplainable murders, suicides, and robberies. If they can’t learn ...
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4.5 stars from 139 ratings
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3.5 stars from 1 rating