Erik Kopp
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 40

A Survival Guide To Staying In Control Of Your WorkDo you find it harder and harder to keep up with all the loose ends you need to follow up on "urgently"? Are you under constant time pressure to manage multiple projects that require you to be constantly following up with many people by email? And then find out that you missed sending out a few key emails because you lost track after endless hours in meetings and reviewing thousands of tasks in project plans which just point out what is overdue but do not provide help to get it done?If you had a way to quickly and accurately get in control of the email reminders you need to send to all the people you depend on to make your projects successful, wouldn't this make you much more effective and free up a lot of valuable time?This is definitely possible using simple tools you already have. Using MS Excel and Outlook, you can manage a long ...
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