Christian Blake
Publisher: Christian Blake (December 14, 2013)
Pages: 25

This book contains a mixture of 50 different very short stories (Slice of Life / Snippets / Short Shorts) from a child's perspective.Samantha sat on an old park bench surrounded by daisies, eating her ice cream and swinging her feet. The park bench said, “Would you like to hear a story?” Samantha nodded. “Yes, please.” The bench said, “This used to be a farm, and there was a schoolhouse over there. A boy and a girl would meet before class, and share warm buttered bread from the bakery. Sometimes, after school, they would have a picnic on the grass, eating grapes and cheese and crackers. And often, at night and under the stars, they would kiss and hold each other for many hours.” Samantha smiled. “That’s a nice story. Tell me another one.” ...and thus begins One Minute Stories.This digital book is a work of fiction by Christian Blake and is approximately 7,000 words in length.Excerpt:#2 ...
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