Joseph Rogers
Publisher: St. Louis Bookstore
Pages: 342

This book features four novellas about the mystical, magical adventures of a high school girl who has the power to see a supernatural world that is invisible to most humans. Caroline also has the ability to discern truth from lies with perfect accuracy. This ability as a "lie detector" proves to be very valuable as Caroline and her friends fight against the forces of evil.The four novellas in this book are:The Magical Truths of Caroline CaseyThe Magical Truths of Phoenix RisingThe Magical Truths of Betwixt and BetweenThe Magical Truths of the Immortal MaidenAlthough Caroline would like to lead the life of an ordinary teenager, she bravely chooses to help the forces of good. Her friends include two gnomes (Hob and Nob), a troll named Sylvester, elves, fairies, and a qilin (with the head of a dragon and the body of a tiger).After Caroline travels through a mystical gateway to Ireland, she ...
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