C.S. Colerain
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 171

Hester Dumphry lives a charmed life until fate cruelly intervenes and rips her world to shreds. Her apparent savior, Beatrice, in the form of a bible thumping spinster, fuels Hester’s fear until her bitterness and secrets are all she has left. But many in Creekwood have secrets, including Beatrice, buried so deep, they no longer believe them and will stop at nothing to keep their own pasts concealed. Hester’s tenant, an apparent drifter with a past riddled in alcoholism is embroiled in a mystery he isn’t even aware of. Then he does the unthinkable and makes a sacrifice for two strangers that very few would ever consider. Apron Strings twists and weaves throughout with an ending that begs the question – Does everything truly happen for a reason?
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4 stars from 27 ratings
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