Dr. Hoe Bing Lo M.B.B.S.BBioMed Sc (Hons)
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 55

Imagine a friend of yours, let’s call him John: he’s 35 years old and not in great health. He suffers from diabetes and hypertension and he has a blood clot too. He smokes and he weighs somewhere between 300 to 350 pounds. You know he’s unhealthy, he knows his unhealthy but he doesn’t take action to get his heart and body into shape.One morning, in the middle of breakfast John starts gasping for air. His girlfriend gets him in the car and to the hospital. A cardiologist sees to John and tells him he had congestive heart failure. John is in shock. He swears he felt no pain even though he couldn’t manage a flight of steps for lack of breath. Anyway, John shrugs it off and returns to work as a mechanic. But he struggles to cope with daily tasks and lands up going onto disability benefits.For the first time in his life, hard worker John is idle and he struggles. He falls into a ...
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