Sophie Miller
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 37

Need to crate train your puppy now?Learn how to crate train your puppy the easy way, with this new book by acclaimed dog author, Sophie Miller.Crate training a dog can be a simple process -- if you know how to do it. If done correctly, crate training will result in a happier, less accident prone pet. You'll spend more time doing the things you want to do and less time cleaning up accidents. The idea behind crate training is not that your dog spends most of his life in a crate waiting for you to have a few minutes of time for him -- a common misconception. Instead, it is an effective training tool that when used correctly can also provide a safe haven for your dog in your absence.In this book you'll learn:- Why crate training isn't cruel -- and how to do it the right way!- Why you should be crate training your dog. (Hint: fewer accidents!)- How to choose the right crate -- and which ...
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