Chloe Thompson
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 84

FREE * FREE * FREE With Kindle Unlimited & PrimeLearn How To Knit Socks Fast and EasyWith this book you will learn:Sock knitting basics such as sizing and knitting test swatchesHow to choose the correct yarns and needles for knitting your socksSock Cast-on techniques, such as, long tail cast on, Eastern/ Turkish cast onHow to knit socks from the top downHow to knit sock from the toe upHow to avoid the dreaded sock knitting gusset hole.How to knit two socks at once using circular needlesThis book also includes 1 basic sock pattern and 1 ribbed sock pattern for you to work on.BONUS: As an added bonus this book includes a knitting glossary at the end, for you to use to help understand knitting jargon!What Others Have Said About The AuthorBy CaGirlAmazon Verified PurchaseThis review is from: The Beginners Guide to Knitting"I have been knitting for a long time but I found very helpful hints ...
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