Heather McVea
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 56

"Ela: Changing Forever" is the second in a three-part spinoff, featuring the origin story of a favorite character from "Waking Forever," Heather McVea's debut urban fantasy. For Ela Bauer, a cunning and calculating woman hardened by experience, no price is too costly for her freedom. In the aftermath of her detainment in a Nazi camp and the savage betrayal of her lover, Ela has nothing but bitterness to sustain her. As a new immortal, Ela embraces her fate and her powerful invincibility along with it. She travels across war-torn Europe in search of the woman responsible for the unforgivable act that caused her death, a burning desire for revenge driving her every move. Along the way, she encounters a new world of malicious possibilities, as well as an irresistible opportunity to pursue her relentless thirst for retribution. Waking Forever SeriesBook One: Waking Forever Book Two: Ela: ...
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