Chris Maxcer
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 42

The trouble with most short story collections is that only three out of ten stories are any good. The solution? Just publish the three that really matter, which is what Chris Maxcer delivers here, giving you the good stuff in one worthwhile package:In these three short fiction stories, the characters are fighting and searching, sometimes at the same time. In "If They Mistake the Moon for the Sun," the fight is at once with a betrayed best friend and a battle to hold onto something bigger. In "Mesmerize Me," a woman lets her husband hypnotize her, but it doesn't work . . . so she fakes it. In "In Between," leaping can make you savor things that can slip away.In these stories, Chris Maxcer pulls you along, immerses you in character and moment, and creates an experience and idea that gives you something to hang onto -- even days later.Here's some excerpts:From "If They Mistake the Moon for ...
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