Luke Erickson
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 477

Abinadi ends his training at the Military Academy with a spectacular performance in the annual ball tournament, and in the process he catches the eye of Zeneca, a childhood friend who has grown into a beautiful young woman. Having become a skilled astronomer, Abinadi plans on a much different life than that of his father, the Chief General of the Nephite armies. At the precipice of adulthood it seems that his talents and opportunities will lead to a bright future. But a violent attack by the Lamanites, his nation’s enemies, begins a chain of events that forces Abinadi to face some of life’s hard realities. Violent enemies, lost friendships, vanishing dreams, and overwhelming responsibilities lead Abinadi into a life he had never planned for himself. Discouraged and hopeless, Abinadi must pick up the ashes from his broken life and choose what he will make of it. Will he choose a life ...
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