Stephen Arseneault
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 255

The Milgari threat looms on the horizon. War appears to be imminent. Natural leaders attract a following. Will our hero have the right followers to conduct a private war? He doesn't care. He's charging ahead anyway!This is the second book of the exciting AMP series. If you love reading science-fiction with loads of action and adventure, and reading late into the night, this saga was made for you! What price would you pay for your liberty? Grab your copy and join the fight!If you have yet to begin the journey in this series, get started with the first book—AMP Messenger—today!What are readers saying about this series?--Fast paced and full of interesting characters, this is a must read.----The story in AMP has me fully immersed and thoroughly enjoying the read.----Arseneault reminds me of the old-style science fiction as done by the greats like Robert Heinlein and Arthur C. ...
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