Tommy Towery
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 603

Huntsville, Alabama, was not what you would call a normal Deep South town in 1963. It may have been 100 years before, but it wasn’t any more.“A Million Tomorrows…Memories of the Class of ’64” is a book that reflects on the changes in the world over a 25-year period in history. It saw its foundation laid on the day President Kennedy was shot on November 22, 1963. On that day I started a journal recording the day-by-day events in my life and recorded my daily life from then until the day I graduated from Lee High School in June of 1964. The journal was kept in storage for 25 years and on the 25th anniversary of the first entry, I began a day-by-day comparison of the entries in the journal and the differences and influences it had in my life 25 years to-the-date later.
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