April Brookshire
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 166

Zombies plague the apocalyptic landscape, insatiable and wreaking havoc on the remaining uninfected. Settlements desperately hold out, fighting for the last remnants of civilization while striving for a return to normalcy.At twenty years old, I should be worrying about final exams and where I’m going for spring break. Instead, I’m sharpening blades and loading guns.My family chooses to make its home away from the settlements, deep in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. We raid stores across the state, gathering supplies which we in turn trade to the settlements.It’s a simple, but dangerous, existence and biters haunt us every step of the way.Lucky for us, I have a secret . . . I’m a necromancer.My name is Anya Donovan and this is my survival story.
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