Mary Swift
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 649

Mika Vernikov always knew there was life after death, he had been seeing dead people for as long as he could remember. After his untimely demise he finds himself forced into the lonely role of a Watcher. Frequently mistaken for a guardian Angel he is tasked with watching and directing the souls of the living. Soon after death he meets a fallen Angel who urges him to return to the time when she is alive, not just because she wants him to initiate their romance, one that hasn’t yet begun for him, but because if he doesn’t someone else’s life will come to a sudden end. It’s someone Mika doesn’t know yet, his son, whose very existence is a threat to the darkest and most corrupt souls that linger in the shadows. Life, death, and time itself collide in this follow up to The Man Upstairs.
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