Shaun Whittington
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 192

It is April 30th, and on a sunny Spring day, the Head of Sports lecturer, John Boardman, decides to take his sleep deprived body to his office during lunchtime and goes for a nap before his next lesson. After losing his son six months ago in a car accident, which led to the break up of his marriage, John Boardman has been in a state of turmoil and is now introduced to another nightmare in his life. He wakes up in his office to find his school building in the middle of a shooting spree. After waking up and leaving his office, he witnesses a fellow lecturer being gunned down by a masked perpetrator. Due to an avalanche of panic, he becomes undecided on what to do next. Does he run for his life, or does he feel it is his duty to stay behind and search for fellow pupil survivors? The nightmare has just begun.Not for persons under the age of 18.Other titles availableThe Woods of Red Hill ...
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