Stefania Shaffer
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 506

When the End Is Near Are you worried about what will happen when Mom and Dad can no longer care for themselves? If the whole job of caregiving falls to you, this will be your essential playbook for managing their end-of-life period. 9 Realities of Caring for an Elderly Parent covers topics from keeping your parent safe in their own home, organizing their financial records, and de-cluttering while preserving memories to the aftermath including pre-designed funerals, acting as the executor trustee of the estate, and effectively communicating with siblings and attorneys. Grief counseling for the adult orphan is the final chapter. Funny and compassionate, this is the insider’s view of what to expect from your daunting role if you are the adult child coming home to care for your elderly parent until the very end.“How to navigate every stage of senior care.… So heartfelt and ...
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