Miley Smiley
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 43

Couponing Behind The ScenesCouponing is a great way to save money!The book, "Couponing Behind The Scenes:I Think My Dog Ate My Coupons", demonstrates in a highly entertaining way, the impact of couponing on the life of one woman. It follows a suburban housewife’s transformation from being an impulsive shopper, to becoming an efficient penny wise couponer.This book is filled with comical details on how the couponing world impacts the lives of this woman and her family. As a bonus to this witty story, readers are also provided with some coupon basics in an entertaining way. As the story flows, there is important information provided to readers, ranging from couponing lingo to different methods of obtaining coupons, to even a list of the best places to learn about daily deals.With coupons easily accessible worldwide, more and more people are being introduced to an economical lifestyle. ...
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